From our CEO:

CEO and Gutter Contractor

The love for this business starts with the four little girls who look up to their Dad.

A lot of time was spent away from home when I worked for other contractors; missing homework, family dinners, and it just didn’t feel right. Add to that, my experiences with other companies and their sales ‘tactics’ (a word I despise). I probably don’t need to rant about their lies and misrepresentations of products, let’s just say those experiences left a bad taste in my mouth and is what led me to create Four Daughters Gutters. Those experiences have turned out to be a blessing, teaching me what not to do and helped build our Code of Conduct for all of our employees.

We want each and every customer to have not just a good or pleasant experience with our company, but one that changes the standards for all contractors who come after us.

As a Dad who values how my girls look at me, Four Daughters makes sure to utilize an honest and straightforward sales practice. We start by evaluating and inspecting each home, just like it was our own. The inspection process includes you, the homeowner, to make sure that any issues that are causing you concern are addressed; and we then have the opportunity to show you what concerns we see that you may not know even exist. The more educated and involved the homeowner is from the beginning, the more we can guarantee a great experience from start to finish.

Our employees know that to deliver this level of experience to our customers that we have to be the best trained contractor in the market that utilizes the best products at a fair and equitable cost. Every product we carry has been tested by our company, has met our expectations for performance and are warranted by both the manufacturer and Four Daughters.

Paul J. Kirkwood
President & CEO